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Vintage Rally at Park Hall

ShACC members were invited to form a section alongside the Welsh Border Vintage Rally to be held at Park Hall Farm Attraction.   We sent invitations to the Birkin Owners as well as the local branches of the Caterham and Westfield Clubs. Park Hall already have a collection of motorbikes and classic and kit cars which our motley vehicles would compliment.  Early  September was not a good time, as there were already so many other events going on.   However, with help from Rob Morris, the local Caterham organiser, who rang round all his friends in the area,  we had a respectable number cars at the event.   

This show is in its early days and it was the first time they had entries of classic and kit cars.   However, the problem was the relative lack of action which resulted in several of our cars leaving after lunch.   Drivers of exciting cars do not see themselves as merely an exhibit and do need a bit more action to keep their interest.   Looking round dozens of static oil engines and cars is all very well for the connoisseur  but one feels that to bring in the public in droves, some sort of entertainment is needed.


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