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Tywyn run 6/8/06

Departing Telford the weather looked dull but promising.  On arrival at Mile End there was glorious sunshine. Soon the caravan parking found a much better use – full of kit and classic cars. However, we were still missing Peter and his Jag, notably with the roof still on.  Shortly before 10.45, we departed (minus Peter’s roof) in an impressive procession down the A483.

Some beautiful scenery and fun driving ensued until we reached Llansantffraid where we encountered a parked car.  Not normally a big issue, until you add an overweight Welsh policeman with a speed gun and nothing to do on a Sunday morning.  The annoying thing is that it seems he missed the point entirely.  Shortly after navigating Llansantffraid, we encountered several Kamikaze motorbikes intent on making the most ridiculous overtaking manoeuvres.  Although I’m sure the marriage of a Japanese motorcycle, a caravan and an F27 is possible, I’d rather it weren’t on the A458 at 60mph! That was where we needed  a policeman.

The first stop just before Mallwyd prompted a change of underwear care of the aforementioned Motorcycles!  A quick top up and cake (thanks to Yoland) and we were away again towards Machynlleth.  We attracted the attention of several locals and the odd tourist through Cwm Linau and on to Commaes as at least one of them took photos.Shortly afterwards, we arrived in Tywyn where it was grey, everywhere, just grey! Gareth and Brian were showing off their most capacious cars by providing chairs etc for the picnic!

Pip managed a quick run on the beach before we noticed the rain closing in from the sea, a slurp of tea and sandwich followed.  Then those of us with no weather gear then ran away, quickly!  

open road


welsh scenery

The open road


Beautiful scenery




And a picnic


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