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Tywyn run 2008

Doug concocted a variation of the route for the 2006 trip to Tywyn which included going down the beautiful valley past the Tal-y-Llyn lake. What with the forecast of rain, the Shrewsbury vintage show and several cars or people being indisposed, it was pleasing that six cars, eleven people and one dog  gathered at Mile End. Russ, and Avril set off early in the Jago claiming to need a head start, the rest all kept together to the coffee stop at Mallwyd. It was later noted that Russ's dog moved on bends to help balance the car like a sidecar rider - which could explain why the Jago corners better that some might expect.
At the stop we unexpectedly met up with four se7ens and Graham Compton in his Gemini who were an impromptu gathering from the Westfield club. We all proceeded to Tywyn in typical ShACC ragged formation and got a fix of looking at the sea whilst having lunch on the prom. It was a free vote for the return route but the majority stopped off for Honey icecream before going their chosen way. We got back with the sun shining over Shropshire and there hadn't been one drop of rain - you should have faith.

Tywyn 08 run   Tywyn 08 run
Ready for the off   Somewhat cramped parking at the coffee stop
Tywyn 08 run   Tywyn 08 run
Getting 13 out of 16 in the same place is not bad   Would you trust them to read a map?
Tywyn 08 run   Tywyn 08 run
Typical day trippers   Not quite a Le Mans start

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