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Treasure Hunt 3rd June 2007

Girl Power prevailed, winning from Tandem Team by a narrow margin. Joint 3rd were the NG and Frogs United teams. Congratulations to the ladies, it shows that taking it very slowly pays off as they were last back by almost half an hour. In the items to be collected, there were some inovative ideas for a growing girl and a sex aid; a female insect had to be believed but we will gloss over the sex ideas. There should have been a prize for the most imaginative answers to clues - the Jago team would have won by ten miles. Due to being cartographically challenged, they only found about 3 junctions and then went on a tour of their own. However, this did not stop them giving an answer to every clue; I particularly like the response to "What do the children ask?" of  "Too many questions."


Treasure hunt 07


Some people had their lunch before the winners got back!


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