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Treasure Hunt

The last time I went on an event such as this was nearly 50 years ago with Sandbach Motor Club.  My mother was one of a very few lady drivers and my father was the map reader.  My sister and I were clue spotters.  We used to win loads of prizes at treasure hunts and rallies (usually silver trophies and cups) and get quite a lot of publicity with Mum being the driver.  My Dad reminiscences about the night rallies they used to do and says that even he got scared when he realised that Mum was driving at very high speed as well as eating a sandwich at the same time.  (I won’t give the actual speed as we wouldn’t want any repercussions!)

Naturally I was keen when Russ said this event was coming up as it brought back lots of good memories.  It was a lovely warm day and we set off first.   Well, naturally we didn’t have any problems with the route as I’d been` brung up proper`.  One couple might still be out there for all I know, as they still hadn’t returned even after lunch and coffee at The Old Three Pigeons!

I have never had to read the question sheet before – probably because I couldn’t read back then, so I did make quite a lot of mistakes.  It was only when we had finished that I even noticed that there were things to collect on the way round.  Because our time was noted when we left I assumed there would be a time penalty if we were slow so we raced round and when we got back, we weren’t expected for ages.  There was no time penalty so maybe that last car will be the winner when it does return!

The whole thing had been planned by Keith & Heather Griffiths and it must have taken them ages.  They did a great job – the route was excellent and the clues were outstanding. (Who died going up a pole? – Ivy!!)

Where were all of the rest of you?  You all missed a really fun time – you have got to come to the next one – because it does take a lot of organising and is a waste if there is a poor turnout.  Maybe it should be repeated later on in the summer for an evening meeting for those who missed it.

Avril Sanders Royle, navigator in the Jago

  Hopefully photos to come  

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