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Ancient and Upwardly Mobile Car Tour 2009

The commercially organised Cotswold car tour was cancelled so Roger and Yoland trialled the possibility of us running our own. The route on Saturday took us to Somerset, largely avoiding motorways for a vist to the Haynes museum near Yeovil. This is very impressive with a very large number of cars, although it is bit lacking in "spark" compared to some. We stayed in Axminster where we were very fortunate with excellent restaurants on both evenings. On the Sunday we went to the hill climb at Wiscombe Park where we used to marshall before we were married, 47 years ago. It had changed very little and, amazingly, someone from the Woolbridge Motor Club could remember us and the car we had!

wiscombe   wiscombe

Wiscombe is even more attractive that Loton


You can get close to the cars




But marshalls have no hut and not much protection


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