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Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2019

 An interesting Stoneleigh for several reasons. The forecast was not good and it was a cold couple of days, especially for those in a tent. The pitch we have had since 2003 was hidden behind builders` fencing as work has begun on the HS2 access road carving through Stoneleigh Park. Our new pitch, across the road from the Lodge Hotel and the grassy area behind it, was fine on Sunday and we had a lot of visitors coming from the pitches on the grass. However, probably because of the cold, on Monday many of those pitches were badly attended.

The good news was that we had a lot of interest in the 4 Bertinis on display.

There seemed to be a lot less stalls outside - no craft tent or outdoor clothes or camping gear. Inside the halls there was a surprising amount of empty space. Obviously the weather plays an important part in these events and the building work did not help but one has to wonder if the cost of taking a stand and the entrance fee for the punters is just pricing people away from the show.

There is also the tremendous amount of alternative events and attractions going on these days - I think a lot of organisers are going to have to do a bit of hard thinking if they are to continue.


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