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Stoneleigh 2006

Much to Yoland and Roger's disappointment, we decided to take the Van as well as the F27.  We therefore arrived in relative comfort - nice and warm, no wind, rain, black clouds or anything - honest! A cautionary word of advice - Tom Tom doesn't tell you where to turn until the last minute which is great on the M6 in a queue of kit cars.  Neither does it help Rebecca navigate from the bar to the tent and back again!!

Ros was soon on hand with a cup of tea - brilliant (we weren't cold or anything) .  The tents were soon up thanks to David moving his car several times due to some non SHACC traffic on our pitch, then out came the beer.

Our first experience of the scale of Stoneleigh was - its absolutely huge.  Neil and I were like 2 kids in a sweet shop!

Another cautionary note  - when stood next to a man in a bright red Ferrari jacket, its not the best idea to pick fault with his MR2 based Ferrari replica!!  If you do, at least do it quietly!  Also when erecting a cheap co-op BBQ for the first time, do it well out of sight of several "expert" kit car builders!  Instructions, probably best used to light the BBQ with.

There were thousands of kit cars to look at, and what a range of cars represented!  The 7 market was obviously in greatest attendance but there were Cobra's, Duttons, someone even managed to do something with an Opel Manta.  Vintage replicas were also well represented - some nice Jag examples.  The GT40 replicas were also impressive.

The Ultima GTR is obviously something to drool over, but is it really necessary to rev the balls off it every five minutes, choking the admiring public?    Trade stands again were very well represented, although some more helpful than others.

The evening entertainment was alright, plenty of room and even a special table in the corner to accommodate the dog, and no, Tom Tom does not know where the bar is!

Also nice to meet a fellow F27 owner in Greg.  What was comical was the F27 club had 3 members in attendance one of which they didn't know!  Funny considering there were two 27's on our pitch!

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.  We found it difficult to pick any fault with the show at all and will be there next year.  The trouble is all the other shows will seem a little meek in comparison.

Ian and Rebecca Swift, also Pip the Patterdale Terrier.



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