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Stoneleigh 2015

 As usual, Stoneleigh was very enjoyable although the weather was not up to last year's standard and we were very depleted on the ShACC pitch. Probably, the poor forecast for the Monday had a lot to do with it. We started with one car down as our newly acquired Bertini was displayed on the CKC stand. We had no problem with eating on the Saturday this year as the Farm Shop stayed open and did hot meals; next year they will have a much larger restaurant on the main drag open. There was only John Helliwell and ourselves for the barbecue on Monday but that didn't stop it being fun.

We weren't the only club to have lower numbers as many of the others were obviously down. It is understandable for those with no weather gear but a poor show from the others.

 The few
 Our Bertini
 No Tempests but several Lieges

3 wheeler
Rain didn't stop them
There were tigers
Definitely the weirdest

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