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Stoneleigh 2014

 The most memorable thing about Stoneleith 2014 was that it was WARM  & SUNNY!
John Helliwell, Rog and I arrived on Saturday and got the ten tu without any hassle, swearing or bad temper - because I left it to the two chaps!
Amazingly, considering how many people had already arrived, and were arriving, on Saturday, there was nowhere open to eat, so we cobbled together bits of our breakfast and Sunday`s BBQ to make a meal.
We had a splendid turn out of a dozen or so cars and the usual collection of tents so we looked like a gypsy encampment.   We did not get many day visitors from ShACC but the BBQ on Sunday was enjoyed by all.
We thought there were fewer stalls in the big cattle shed and perhaps a few less car manufacturers.  Body shells like the Bertini on a BMW Z3, and the Healey Enigma on an MX5 seems to be the name of the game.   Also some very flash `supercars` for road, track or just to impress.
Chesil was there now with a much updated Porsche Speedster running gear, a great improvement from the  old VW beetle it has used for years.
Nevertheless, there was loads to look at and enjoy, even if one was not looking to parts or a new car.
A wander round all the pitches is always fascinating even if some, like the GT 40s opposite ShACC, only turn up on Sunday& then go home never to be seen again.

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