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Stoneleigh 2008


We woke up to rain, thunder and lightning but, amazingly, it was not raining. However, it was pouring in many places and caused some people to delay starting off or even to cancel the whole idea. The drive to Stoneleigh was damp, in fact the M54 was worst with vast amounts of sheeting rain and clouds of spray - a pain when you are in an open car. We had gone without hoods so as not to make those with no weather gear feel inferior - but they waited until it dried up.

Not to worry, we arrived in the dry, put the tents up in comfort and, in due course, were able to take them down in the dry.   There were less of us camping than usual as the weather put some people off but we had several visitors during the two days.   The BBQ was enjoyed by  Colin McColl, Doug McCusker, Doug/Steve Richards, Yoland and Roger, Tony and Marilyn Hornet before they set off home and John Melody and his wife Ann joining us from the Tempest Stand.

This year  we hosted a reunion of Reliant Tempests as it is the 20th anniversary of the little cars.  I think there were only 20 something made, so perhaps not so surprising that it was a very little gathering.  However, John Melody has started making the kits again and he had a stand in one of the halls.  There was considerable interest in both our three exhibits and at John`s stand so we look forward to having more examples on show  next year.

Once again we enjoyed an evening of good company and laughter lubricated by beer (or rum and coke in Doug's case).  Doug`s massive tent made a very fine bar which we kept warm by bringing the barbecue in.

Tempests at Stoneleigh   Stoneleigh 08
The line up of Tempests   ShACC nomads
Colin McColl  
We enjoyed ourselves   Jimini had an electric version
Car at Stoneleigh   Raw Fulcrum
Expensive washing line   Raw  fulcrum caught many peoples' eye
Tempest kit   Italian kit
The new Tempest   You get all shapes and sizes

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