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Stoneleigh 2004

I’m still not sure exactly, how I landed up with writing this report. Yoland somehow managed to get me to agree to do a small piece when I was given a load of free beer at the SHACC BBQ at the show on the Sunday night!! (encouraged by Tony, who later admitted that Yoland had got him to do the report last year!! Nice move Tony!)

Driving down to the show on the Sunday morning, in my Formula 27 with my 6 year old son Bradley, was pretty uneventful, apart from whizzing past an overheating custard yellow “Noddy “car complete with Noddy. Then realising it was Yoland in costume with her Tempest motor!!! Apparently thesteam coming from under the bonnet was not part of the act!! . Roger and Tony were there to sort it out , and of course the boys in blue had made an appearance. By the way, nice bell Noddy!

The Cobra club were in convoy when we arrived and looked impressive, and after a short while queuing up, we were soon in the showground and quickly found the SHACC pitch which is quite large. Brad and I put up our little 2 man tent and eagerly set off , the weather was nice and hot, and there was loads to see and do. I bought a few bits for my F27 and consumed several ice-creams!! As always there was a great display of cars , from the cheap, crude and ugly right up to the mouthwateringly and mega expensive!!

I was a bit suprised that only a few club members attended - must do better troops next year!! Roger and Yoland, (Birkin and Reliant Tempest), Tony and Ros (frog eye Sprite) Tony`s son David and Girlfriend Justine (MX5) plus Gwynn from the Birkin owners were the only ones staying overnight. We had a fantastic BBQ on the club stand on the Sunday night , I must thank Yoland, Roger, Ros and Tony for the food and Beer!

Whilst the others went to sample the entertainment from a band called Zebra, Bradley and I had an early night, only to be woken up at 7am the following day, to the sound of Rain on the tent - oh poo!! My car doesn`t have any wet weather gear fitted , so I had to shift it under cover, then the heavens opened !!. The tent started to leak and all our gear got wet. So we packed up and came back - very interesting journey - felt more like I was in a boat than a car!!

Still there`s always next year to look forward to, so start planning - bring your cars, tents ,beer (and wallets), so we can have a bigger BBQ, (where I can ply someone with copious amounts of beer until they agree to do the next report on Stoneleigh - Hmmm, sounds familiar that doesn’t it???). So get back in your garages and finish off your projects and see ya there next year- yes I mean you!!

Greg Stafford, Formula 27 (orange variety)


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Gwynn relaxing by his Birkin


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