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Stoneleigh 2003

The fates certainly favoured us as we enjoyed brilliant sunshine, albeit with a fair amount of wind. The ShACC/ Birkin Owners pitch was sited quite near to the main Entrance and opposite the Ferrari Replicas which was a bonus for me, especially two 250 GTOs (I know I’m sad but . . .).   Thousands of people of all ages, shape and sizes flocked into the showground (agricultural !) over the two days and tents popped up all over the place like mushrooms in the night.

As for the cars, all the usual suspects made an appearance: Caterhams, Westfields, Formula 27s, Tigers and numerous other “7 clones” including, I do believe, a Birkin or two! There were loads of Cobras – most with their bonnets open to show off their sparkling chromework (how very American!). Also represented were replicas of Morgans, E type Jaguars, Porche Speedsters and Ford GT 40s.

So much for the good, there were no really bad cars but just a couple of tatty Mini Marcoses.   One guy dressed in flying jacket, helmet and goggles arrived in a Citreon special and a sign “The ugliest man in the ugliest car”. The car wasn’t that bad!

The exhibition halls were packed with every type of Kit Car imaginable from classics ( Roger and I finally agreed that the SS 100 Jaguar was the prettiest car at the show, but I still like the GTO’s) to full GT type racers. Tiger even had a BARC series single seater on display.   Other halls contained spare parts, bodywork, trim, wheels, nuts, screws etc. The bargain of the weekend had to be Yokohamas at 30 apiece.

Finally Yo’s hospitality tent again did a cracking job of serving teas and coffees to weary visitors.   A good time was had by all – hope to see you there next year.

Tony of the Frog Eye Sprite


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