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Shobdon Run

Sunday 21st September By our reporters, Alison & Ian Hart

We arrived at Nesscliffe services early to fill up with fuel again!! Good isn't it ,at least it is getting used this year.  By the 10.30 departure time, four cars had turned up, me and Alison in the Locost, John and Amanda in their Caterham, Brian and Shirley in the Audi and Roger and Yoland in the GTM - where were the rest of you? You missed the only beautiful sunny Sunday for ages.

We rendezvous with the other club members at Lydham village hall, it was a nice drive apart from the tractors and Sunday drivers doing 40mph (just to annoy Roger).We arrived about 11.20 to find Helen and Neal in their NG and Robin Hales and his wife who's reliant kitten wasn't well but still came along to wave us off.

Just as we were setting off roger spotted the dreaded tractor that we had struggled to overtake but luckily he turned in the other direction and we were saved from overtaking him again. The roads to the airfield were beautiful in the sunshine (just mentioned the sunshine again) except for one section which had grass down the middle where we met a Landrover coming the other way - I didn't realise how quick they could reverse! We arrived at the airfield at lunch time & were surprised to ee what a hive of activity it was,  with small planes and micro lights taking of and landing all the time. We watched the planes while we waited for the missing Brian & Shirley until we gave up and made for the cafe, much to Roger`s relief.

We were told that they had put us in the bar for our meals but the bar itself was closed so no beer!!!!! They had quite a menu but it was easy for me to chose after seeing the big joint of beef through the kitchen doors.  Then Shirley and Brian arrived nearly 1/2 hour later, having been stuck behind the tractor and then taken a wrong turn which led to the usual comments about Ladies and maps so Shirley told Brian  to get a sat nav.  The cafe does a very nice line in  steam puddings and fruit tarts with lots of custard (to Ian`s delight Ed.)

After lunch we watched the planes and helicopters for a while then decided to leave, taking a different route home which we decided to call the Yoland Way, but I am reliably told was a scenic detour. On arriving back at Lydham village hall Yoland made us promise not to say anything about the scenic detour (whoops too late).We said our good byes and made our own way home.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who came along it was a lovely day , lets hope for many more, and a special thank you to Colin Barratt  who went to all the trouble of making up the route but could not make it on the day. Thank you from us all. 

Ian and Alison 

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