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Quiz at Cranberry Moss

 What an excellent evening, with 41 people turning up, the chilli JUST held out for second helpings. Next year I am going to have to limit the numbers as I cannot get any more chilli in the pot! Here is a report from Mike Reed of the less than winning Jelly Baby team of Mike & Liz & Gari and Do Jones.

The adversaries for ShACC were again the HDLCC and they had 12 months and a whole hill climbing season to prepare the 30 questions, because they won last time. Plenty of time then………..
Yoland`s Chilli and muffins were served to spice up proceedings before the competition started. All good stuff! Teams of four and, as with so many things in life, my success is based on choosing the best partners. Liz and I formed the Jelly Babies with Gari & Do.
Our strategy was (advised by our partners) to make sure we received a trophy but did not win because none of us has time on our hands to set questions in the next 12 months. We could have done but felt it only fair not to win, next time maybe. So the target became the other trophy and I am pleased to announce that WE WON and I have the prized trophy to show standing in the garage with a nice golden sheen to it as the plating takes hold. A visitor said it was rust but I doubt it, a rusty prize? In fact our team partners scored the majority of our points so a big vote of thanks to them. Anyway congratulations to the HDLCC team who won and thanks to those who attended and fort he raffle prize.


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