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Quiz 2012

 As ever, this was a popular event with 24 members turning out to test their knowledge. Roger, Mike Robins and Tony Gittins, last year`s winners, came up with the idea of getting their questions from past ShACC Chats and having multiple choice answers.

Holly at Enigma put on a really excellent buffet which which was greatly enjoyed by us all. The venue was a success with plenty of space and good food.  I suspect we could be returning to Enigma next year.

The winners of the 2012 ShACC Quiz were Tony and Marylyn Maiklem and John & Rhian Morris who took the quiz trophy and ShACC mugs. The `winners` of the alternative trophy were Pryce Davies and John Lee but it took a tie breaker with Ken Davies and Peter Sutcliffe Brown, `winners` of last year`s alternative trophy. The ladies team of Kath Davies, Shirley Rodgers, Yvonne Lee and Val Pickorance were delighted to beat their husbands, Pryce and John.

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