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Run to the Horseshoe Pass

 This is the start of the ShACC year, originally started as the nearest weekend to people getting their open kit cars out of sorn. True, the weather can vary from pouring rain to huge snowdrifts to get to the cafe door and even, sunshine. This year we had the remains of a rainy night which evolved into a pleasant day.

We had a good gathering at Mile End and a real mix of interesting cars. Our numbers were swelled by John Helliwell who left home in Yorkshire to be with us in his firey Saab R9 and Emlyn and Wendy who we miss so much since they moved to New Quay in South Wales. Also Arfon Hughes who came down from Wrexham in the Haynes Roadster which he trailered to Stoneleigh last year with one of the students who was building it with him.


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