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Run to the Pondarosa cafe

 This was a great gathering of 11 cars, including Dennis & Duggan from MWHVC in their white Morgan.
Unfortunately other people`s camper vans kept getting in the way of a good picture of the start.
Cemlyn Foulkes` rather fine Aristocat which joined us in the car park and also Arfon Hughes` friend joined us in his Porsche
This is a farewell picture of Dave Mawson who, with his wife Marilyn, joined ShACC just a few years ago and have been a very supportive members, coming on most of the runs we organise. Dave was also a regular marshall at Loton Park. Sadly for us, Dave and Marilyn are moving to Lincolnshire to be near their son and his wife and impending grandchild. We send them all best wishes for the future.

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