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Mouldsworth Motor Museum

It was a bad mistake choosing Easter weekend - we won`t do it again - and only a few people made the trip.  Just two of us met at Mile End - the Birkin and new members, Peter and Jill Sutcliffe in a beautiful Jaguar XJS convertable - where were Neal and Helen in the NG?   Half way through lunch at the Golden Lion in Ashton Hayes, they turned up having been held up by an accident en route, and then Tony and Marilyn Hornett arrived to make up the team. 
James Peacop welcomed us to the museum and we spent a happy couple of hours reminiscing about past motoring.   After a short shower at Mile End before we set off, we actually had a lovely run in the sun, both there and back.



Aladdin's cave


Lots to interest boys and girls of all ages



This little Austin still competes in trials at 76



MG J2 just like we used to have


E type Jaguar that we would have liked to have


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