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Llangollen Motor Museum

Well what a wonderful day -hardly any rain, good company, good food and an excellent museum - what am I talking about ?   THE FIRST SUNDAY RUN - what else?

A group of us met up at Mile End Services just outside Oswestry at 10.00am prompt - well nearly.   Yoland arrived and showed us the maps, not a difficult journey to Llangollen, just make sure we all end up at the same museum.  But Roger, - well I think someone had better dispatch the weather man/woman before he has to suffer any more stress!

We set off and arrived within a short time of each other at the museum car park.   Now I don’t know if you are like Neal & I - travel past Llangollen quite a bit, see a sign saying Motor Museum and assume the museum itself is long gone.   It is most certainly not!   A wonderful collection of canal ware, bicycles, cars and spare parts. A veritable treasure trove and the people who assembled the collection certainly have a sense of humour.   There is a registration document from DVLA which, by its vehicle description, conjures up something absurd; also a pile of ladies magazines with an invite to sit and browse while HE is carried away by nostalgia.

After a taster session there, we will definitely be going back.   We left to make our way to the Ponderosa at the top of the Horseshoe Pass.  It is many years since we had been up this road and the views are still as spectacular. When we pulled into the car park I think most of us approached the café with trepidation there were so many people there, but I have never experienced such swift, good-natured service. The Sunday lunch was well worth the trip. After lunch we all departed our different ways. A thoroughly enjoyable day many thanks to Yoland for the organization I am sure all those who came enjoyed it just as much as we did.

P. S. When we got home Neal decided the wisps of blue smoke from my NG were getting worse so on Monday the engine came out! It has now been re-bored and lots of new bits including pistons & shells put in. It will be back very soon, or else!                                                         

Helen Alderton



llangollen run


Members gathering before the trip to Llangollen


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