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Evening run 30th May 2006

This turned out to be too eventful for comfort. There was a good turnout – more cars that we had printed route maps. Greg Stafford was voted leader but after a few miles ground to a halt with a sheared off lower wishbone – very fortunate that he was going slowly at the time. There was nothing anyone else could do so a group of sevens carried on and had an amazingly clear road all the way from Leaton via Cockshut to Ellesmere. Heading towards Oswestry, they were a bit surprised to spot a very familiar looking Sprite ahead, then realized that they also knew the Audi following it. Not all the sevens overtook these two and most unfortunately Peter Day ran into the back of Brian Rodgers’s Audi at a T junction. When the remaining sevens got back to the Pigeons they were even more surprised that a certain yellow Reliant was already there. It transpired that the leading group went left from the car park (which is what the organizer intended) to get onto the A5 whilst all the others led by aforesaid Reliant went right and saved a few miles. There was also the small matter of the late arriving Jago and Striker who invented their own run.




Makes a change from whole cars   and what is should look like

Evening run July 2006

The evening run on the 25th July, was blessed with lovely sunny weather and had the best attendance yet. Col. McColl & I arrived at The Three Pigeons Pub at about 7pm, & there was already  a lovely looking red/orange Ford Escort Mexico in attendance, very keen! It wasn’t long before the car park was absolutely packed full of numerous types of cars, including  a fair few Westfields, two cars had  travelled up from Kidderminster I believe!   Other makes included  F27, Tiger, MK , Birkin, Tempest, Stylus, NG, Mach1, to name but a few – apologies to any I’ve missed out. In total I counted about 17 – 20 cars arrived for the run. That’s one of the great things about the club, you just don’t know what will be turning up!   

Maps were handed out, and cars started to leave the car park -albeit slowly, which  meant there were a fair few gaps which created a bit of confusion as to where everyone had gone and which route they took! Col managed to get a ride in Steve’s green MK, powered by a Yamaha R1 bike engine, and I skived a ride in Perksy’s yellow Westfield, powered with a Ford Mondeo engine. Many thanks to Steve and Perksy for their kindness – we know full well we ruined your power to weight ratio’s !!! and crippled  your acceleration times!!!

At one point we were following Jos in his orange and black Mach 1, powered with a 2l pinto engine, who had brought his mum along for her first trip – hope she enjoyed it!   We lost  sight of them due to some slower traffic , and when we got to Llynclys crossroads we weren’t sure as to whether the run was going clockwise or anti clockwise, after a brief period of being “mis-placed”  - no we were not lost!!  we managed to get back on the run, the scenery and twisty roads were great.  We only had a brief scare when, after turning a slight left hand bend,  we suddenly encountered a sheep in the road!!  Now that would have made a mess of your goggles!! We then somehow tagged on behind Roger in his Birkin, plus a few others in front of him & `drifted` back to the pub. It seemed quite a few of us hadn’t stuck to the map and had made different routes back to the pub!!  (So what`s new? Ed) Luckily there were no breakdowns or other “ incidents ”.

evening run   perks
Follow the leader   with a serious driver and jolly passenger
old lady   mexico
but look out for old ladies   and mexicos


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