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Evening run 25th May 2004

Heaven be praised, the weather was super for the May evening run.  Six of us left a bit late as there was a lot of prevaricating about who should lead the way - they soon realised that sending the Tempest off first somewhat cramped the style of the F27s - especially when she sheered off to the left and the little yellow car came to shuddering halt with several se7ens up her jacksie!   I fancy the lads will not be in such a hurry to let Noddy lead on Tuesday.   Eight of us arrived back at the Bridge due to a couple of vehicles  lurking in laybys who surreptitiously joined the convoy.

Ian's Evening Run 29th June 2004

Ian Lewis designed a super run over roads which a lot of people didn`t know.  Despite being issued with very posh route maps 2 or 3 people found the navigation challenging.   Rog and Russ were challenged because Rog ignored Russ and Russ couldn`t speak Welsh!

Welcome to new members Dennis and Matthew Parry who gallantly came to the aid of the Tempest which was experiencing a spot of Shake, Rattle and Boil.

I reckon everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable drive although we could have done without the police welcome home party on the Brownhill - shows you always have to be careful.

It was good to see to members of the Westfield Club come along for the jaunt but very sorry Doug had to retire hurt, we hope the beast is now healed and back on the road.


Ian's run


Ian's run


Evening Run August 04

The weather was set fair for the August ShACC Chat so 6 cars met in Wem car park for a run.  A previous date to use this start point was cancelled because we clashed with the Wem Sweet Pea Show.  The Tempest set off first and was never seen again until the rest of them got back to the Bridge - what kept you chaps?!   I sailed round the route in solitary splendour, expecting the Vrooooom of the Se7ens to whiz past but I am afraid the lads just could not catch The Granny. The truth was of course that we all waited while Peter's Westfield took on a few hundred gallons of fuel. Anyway, we all met up atthe Bridge with the rest of the members who didn't take the run round the block.


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