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Run to the Elan valley 

The forecast was heavy rain but four of us decided to go anyway (a holed sump prevented Dave and Marylin Mawson joining us). In the event, it was proven that the sun shines on the ShACC righteous in that we saw nothing worse than what might be termed heavy drizzle.

The route down to the Elan valley was largely on A roads but through very pleasant countryside and with only very light traffic – made us feel sorry again for those in the crowded South East. We went straight to the café at the visitor centre which is very impressive with excellent food. When refreshed, Emlyn led us on a tour of the viewing points around the reservoirs and we were able to appreciate the dramatic setting and the vast extent of the water storage complex, not to mention the very interesting roads. A most splendid day out.

 elan valley  elan valley  elan valley

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