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Run to Clywedog 2011

 When Rog and I went to the Exeter Kit Car Show in 2009 the Apple County Kit Car Club had a stand there (Apple County - cider - Somerset) and we got chatting.  They run their club much the same way as we run ShACC with no committees and no funds, just fun.
Anyway, we put them on the ShACC mailing list and then this year we met up at Stoneleigh - we were able to help them out with a donation of rolls to go with  their sausages and hamburgers - and we discovered they they were camping in Wales  and would like to join us on our run to Clywedog on their way home. A bit of research and google earth found a useful layby where we could meet up just outside Machynlleth.
The ShACC contingent met up at Mile End and had a good run to the meeting point where we joined the Somerset boys in six se7ens and a GTM.
The run from Mac up to the B4518 and then right to drive round the lake to the dam was brilliant and the chaps from the south were well impressed.
Lunch was a rather chilly picnic or bacon butty and cake from the Red Kite Centre before we went our own way. 

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 ShACC  contengent at Mile End  Group photo call at the lake  The line up of cars

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