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Christmas Run 2018

 Nine cars met at Mile End, including our Christmas surprise, Andy Smith in his Gemini. We had an excellent run in the sun round some very bendy roads between Burlton and Wem and we arrived at the Fox and Hounds at Shawbury with only one diversion to a local housing estate! Terry Jenkins and 4 members of the Brown/Kaiser family from Oklahoma joined us at the pub. Apologies were received by Pryce and Kath.

There was a bit of an `incident` at the start, while I was filling Felicity up with petrol, Tom Pickford was trying to start the Landrover right next to me. We tried to jumpstart the awkward Landi without success So, in the end Tom`s girl friend towed him home to Kinnerley and they all transferred to Guy`s Rover and came on to the pub for lunch.

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