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Christmas run and lunch 2006

The numbers increased again for the Christmas run, partly helped by it being a bit less cold than last year. Something of the order of 16 cars (if I can count) gathered at the service station on the Nestcliffe bypass and proceded on a trip round the block via Ellesmere and Wem to the Three Pigeons. What with the heavy traffic as the public went shopping and the tendency for ShACC members to deviate from set routes, we failed to stay together, but everbody got back without incident. The weather was fine at the start but as soon as we got to the pub the rain started, and there was a flurry of hood erecting (for those that had hoods). There were 29 of us for lunch but, to be complicated, these were not all the same people who went on the run; some gave the run a miss and some opted out of lunch.

Christmas 06 run   Christmas 06 run
13 out of 16 cars were soft tops   Mike Robbins arriving

Christmas run 2006

A group of elegant members

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