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Breakfast Club April 09

This year we combined three things- Drive It Day, our trip to  a museum and meeting at the Midlands Breakfast Club - into one event. We gathered at the service station on the M54 at the ungodly hour of 8.30 and went in procession to the Cosford air museum. As always at this event , there were hundreds of cars but I think our line up provided more variety than most. This included our star performer John Helliwell who drove all the way from Yorkshire in his Birkin. Do not answer on a postcard as to why John's car is a lot smarter than the Brown's Birkin.

After the usual good value breakfast some of us spent a few entertaining hours going round the fabulous museum before departing for home - and it remained fine and sunny all day


Breakfast club


A lot of cars


breakfast club


breakfast club

ShACC line up


ShACC from the rear

breakfast club  

breakfast club

John Helliwell's Birkin


The Flying Flea was available as a kit!

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