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Betws-y-Coed Motor Museum

There was absolutely gorgeous weather for the annual museum trip, but not for everyone as Tom Jones was a non-starter due to not being able to see your hand in front of your face in Rhos-on-Sea. The day was also not good for Andy Smith who had an oil pressure release valve stick,  which resulted in oil all over the road - and he was only 50 yards from home. As usual with ShACC trips, not everyone did the same thing so some met at Mile End while some went straight there. Jos Brownlie only had a couple of hours to spare so he came half way and then turned round - which worried those who didn't know of this cunning plan. He didn't make his appointment however as a fly blocked a jet in the carb and he came to an embarrassing halt.

Those of us in convoy went the pretty route via Bala which was most enjoyable for both the scenery and the interesting roads - until the last few miles of purgatory on the A5. Eighteen of us assembled in the Betws-y-Coed car park but a couple of the ladies headed for the shops rather than the museum.  Actually, the museum was a little disappointing. There were some superb cars, well exhibited, but it completely lacked the plethora of motoring memorabilia and  accessories that the places we visited previously had. Hence, it was a bit thin on the ground for entertainment. Never mind, it was a super day out which included a very jolly picnic (or takeaway) lunch on the grass in the rather splendid landscaped car park.

betws-y-coed start


betws-y-coed picnic

The 7s that joined the convoy


Yoland liked the model T farm waggon

  betws-y-coed picnic  

Gipsies - it looked better when the other 6 joined in


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