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ShACC barbecue 2006

Russ Sanders-Royle organized a run to precede the barbecue which was a bit different as it included a parade through Shrewsbury. In the event, the same as on every other run happened and hardly anyone simply followed the correct route. Avril somehow persuaded Russ to take a diversion in the wrong direction and most people followed him. Alan Barker stopped for fuel and foolishly thought people would wait for him. Yoland refused to go through the centre of town due to some strange idea that the car would stall. She must be psychic because Tony Maiklem’s Westfield did stall on the Welsh Bridge and needed pushing. Roger started last but went ahead when the pack took the detour. Hence, he desperately tried to catch a non-existent line of cars. However, it all adds to the fun and it was a great start to the day.


We were able to go back to The Bridge for the barbecue this year. The new tenants Mick, Colin and Steve put on an excellent spread which was followed by puddings kindly provided by Shirley, Ros and Yoland. We had to feel a bit sorry for Mick cooking in the heat but were very pleased to enjoy the superb weather – what a change from last year.



BBQ 06


A concentration of se7ens in the Bridge car park


BBQ 06


The food station in the Bridge garden


BBQ 06


Alan forgot to put his feet in first


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