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Autumn Run 2007

Yet another cold & wet day dawned but Brian & Shirley Rogers and Keith & Rose Rogers had said they were coming with real roofs and we have a built in umbrella, so at least there would be six of us. Then Doug McCusker, Steve Richards and Chris Price turned up in work cars, they decided to travel together in Steve`s red limousine and we set off from Nesscliffe service station, minus Keith and Rose Rogers.   Not surprisingly, there were no open Se7ens taking part.

We did pass a Morris Minor `woodentop` on the side of the road and thought no more of it.  Then there were flashing lights from Steve because it looked like the GTM back offside wheel was going to fall off.    Rog had the tools and Steve could not wait to get his hands on our sorry little car.   Meanwhile, a Morris Minor `woodentop` flew round the corner and shot off into the distance.

Steve tightened the offending support arm and we set off again, arriving at the Sun in Corfton to see a Morris Minor `woodentop` in the car park - the missing Keith and Rose Rogers!

A most entertaining lunch ensued with many hilarious stories of runs, accidents, breakdowns and cars past - Keith & Rose and Chris Price wondered what sort of club they had joined!   Forgot to tell you about the time the Birkin conked out on the M6 high above Birmingham - I definitely needed my get out and push shoes that day.



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