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Visit to Anderton Boat Lift

  Kevin Walker`s  planned President's run to Jodrell bank couldn't take place because it was closed. Kevin and Karen then had the devil`s own job of negotiating umpteen road closures in Cheshire for this replacement run to Anderton. A select group met at Whittington Castle, others having elected to make their own way to Anderton. One car gave up and returning home due to approaching the lift from the Road Closed end. Driving through this part of Cheshire is not exactly exciting but Kevin led us, even keeping us together, right through the middle of Nantwich.

We were rewarded by a beautiful spot, with tables under the trees for our picnic.

The principle of this piece of Victorian engineering, which lifted two loaded canal boats from the canal to the River Weaver 50 feet above, was really fascinating. While most of the gang enjoyed a trip up the lift and an hour`s trip to Nantwich and back, Roger and I
thoroughly enjoyed the history display about the Boat Lift. The Anderton Boat lift was completed in 1875, linking the Trent & Mersey Canal to the canalised Weaver Navigation, bringing together transport of clay and salt to the Potteries and returning with potteryware to  he British Empire. It`s a great story and well worth a visit.

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