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Run to Cai Dai 50s museum

 A beautiful day, new roads, super museum. 

To all those who didn't go on the September run, you missed a gem. The weather was great, the company good and the museum brilliant. The Oohs and Aaahs when people saw things that they remembered. I was born in the sixties but remember seeing things at Granny & Grandad`s, & Aunty and Uncle`s houses. We spent nearly all day at Cae Dai, our host `Sparrow` was a lovely man and showed us lots of info too. A fantastic day was had by all”
Karen Evans

“What a marvellous outing! A fantastic drive through the Welsh hills with a fascinating museum at the end of it”.
Bill Cole

“On Sunday 2nd September we joined the ShACC on a run out to the Cae Dai which is a 1950`s Museum. What a fantastic Museum it is. We arrived before lunch, had a look round came out side in the sunshine with our free coffee and had lunch and chatted, then went back in. The drive there, following Yoland and Roger`s route, was fantastic and so were the new friends that we made. We are looking forward to joining them again”.
Nigel & Margaret Pockock
Chairman of Salop Yesteryear Motor Club.

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